What's Your Intention?

Intentional Learning & Development

What does your workforce need to know do? Why don't they know do it? What do you think they need?

*94% of Employees say that they would stay at their company longer, if their organization would invest in their career development!

What does your workforce need to do? What is keeping them from doing it? Do you know what they really need to effectively perform and be successful?

What: Close Skill Gaps | Transfer Knowledge | Impact Results

Who: Intentional Learning & Development is more than basic eLearning, face to face training, or making something pretty. Intentional L&D works with a systems approach to identify targeted solutions that actually work! From approach to implementation, we specialize in conscious workplace learning solutions that empower change; Intentional Learning & Development transforms people, cultures, & organizations.

How: eLearning, Performance Improvement, Training, Microlearning, Change Management, Coaching, Blended Learning, Virtual Reality, Soft Skill Development, Leadership, Compliance, Onboarding, Software Training, Customized & Industry Specific Solutions, Apprenticeship Programs, Mentorship, Training Standardization

*LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2018, **Bersin by Deloitte, ***Gratton & Scott